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Body Compression Garments

Plastic surgery recuperation can be slow in proceeding. Body compression garments can be a helpful method in relieving pain and swelling in the areas of your body that received surgery. It can also rid your body of harmful fluids and assist in reducing post-surgery recovery time. Such shapewear is intended as a comfortable, protective barrier for your skin to heal, allowing tissue to be compressed. Whether used for medical recovery or for body shaping, body compression garments can give users everyday comfort and flattering figures.

EMS Surgical offers a wide variety of high quality, USA-made body compression garments that serve for many post-operative necessities. We sells directly to the consumer as well as to large hospitals and small clinics at an affordable rate. Our surgical garments include girdles, stockings, and body suits, which can be used for plastic reconstructive surgery, thoracic surgery and general surgery. Stylish and snug, these garments come in various colors, styles, and knee lengths.