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Post Surgical Compression Garments

While necessary for repair and health, surgery can cause havoc on the body. Post surgical complications can dance from simple nuisances to mortal risks. Issues can be mitigated through the use of post surgical compression garments.

Patients will often receive prescriptions for such garments to ensure a speedy recovery. EMS Surgical sells a wide array of affordable post-operative garments. While they may look like normal undergarments or socks, post surgical compression garments are created with additional reinforcement. These garments create positive pressure on the outside of the body reducing the risk for clots and complications. Extra compression on the outside of the body can increase comfort and speed healing.

EMS Surgical sells post surgical compression garments both via wholesale and direct to the customer. EMS Surgical’s garments are high quality and medical grade. When you are looking for your own post-surgical garments, consider a reputable supplier with excellent customer service; consider EMS surgical.