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Surgical Compression Stockings


Surgical compression stockings are a very special designed hosiery made to be worn following surgery. These stockings are used to prevent and stop the progress of any kind of venous disorders. The compression provided by the surgical compression stockings exerts pressure to the legs. This reduces the width of the limb and its distended veins. The compression increases the blood flow and effectiveness of the valve. These stockings are also used to relieve the aches and pains the legs may endure following a surgical procedure.

Surgical compression stockings are made with a much stronger elastic than that used in common stockings. The stronger elastic is used to provide some needed pressure on the ankles, feet and legs. The compression on the legs forces the blood circulating through the legs to thinner channels.

There are two kinds of compression stockings. The gradient compression stockings are made especially for Musculovenous Pump performance. Anti-Embolism compression stockings are designed to offer support for the drainage of the leg and its veins. This type of leg therapy is ideal for legs following a surgical procedure.