Surgical Abdominal Binders

Any surgery that requires incision through the abdominal wall entails a long and slow healing process. The muscles of the abdomen are critical to core strength and often slow to recover. Surgical abdominal binders are often utilized to provide stability and support to patients after abdominal surgery. These compression garments fit under the clothes and look similar to a corset. Made of soft fabrics, surgical abdominal binders are specially reinforced to provide the support to the abdomen compromised via surgery.

Many patients find that they provide extra comfort and reduce swelling. Extra compression speeds the healing process to help patients get back to their normal lives faster. EMS surgical sells affordable, high quality post-operative garments, including surgical abdominal binders. Whether your needs are wholesale or direct to customer, EMS Surgical can accommodate your needs with their friendly staff and wide selection. When you are in the market for post operative garments, consider the experience and quality of EMS Surgical.

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